Parties During Mardi Gras

New Licensing laws: Essential Info

New Licensing laws: Essential Info

So, in case you’ve not already heard, Sydney’s new ‘lock out laws’ have kicked in just in time for Mardi Gras, and will take effect at all clubs and bars on Oxford Street and in the CBD this weekend.  We’re working hard to minimise that effect as much as possible – here’s everything you need to know to show premier O’Farrell that he can’t kill our party spirit and make Mardi Gras 2014 rock!

We want to hear your views on the lock outs.

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Last entry at 1.30am

You will not be able to gain entry to any licensed premises after 1.30am, even if you have purchased advance tickets. Get in early to the parties as we anticipate everything being busy! Advance ticket holders will be prioritized at all events. We recommend grabbing tickets from to beat the queues. Door sales will also be available, but get in early.

Last drinks at 3am

Final orders for alcoholic drinks at all bars and clubs will be taken at 3am. Our parties will keep going past this time, however, late into the morning.  You may order multiple drinks before 3am (within reason and RSA guidelines). The bar will remain open for soft drinks and energy drinks, until the club closes. At any parties that stay rocking til after 5am, alcohol service can resume. We’re committed to keeping the full, late night club experience going through the lock outs.

Anything else?

There are other laws to do with violence and off premises alcohol sales which don’t affect our events – you can read more here.

Remember to purchase advance tickets to our parties to beat the queues. Head to now!


February 26th, 2014

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