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Higher @ Home: Instant Guide

Higher @ Home: Instant Guide

This Saturday night we’re launching you into Summer with a bounce in our step, as Higher takes over the Home Rooftop. With a scorching hot forecast of sun and 27 degrees, this party is guaranteed to go off!


Final online tickets are $30. Click here to get yours.

Door Sales

We’re saving space for door sales at $40 on the day. Doors open 2pm.


Entrance to Higher is via the rooftop of Home, so the middle escalators in Cockle Bay then walk back round towards the venue. We’ll have signage up on the day.

ID requirements

No ID no means no entry, no matter what age you are or how old you look. Under 25 year olds will need 2 forms of ID, so in addition to photo ID such as driver’s license, you’ll also need a bank card or Medicare card or similar.

DJs & Music


We’ve got some of Sydney’s hottest DJs playing house and classics including Dan Murphy, Alex Taylor, Adam Love, Du Jour, Jonny Marsh & DJ Mickey.

Weather forecast

Forecast is for SUN! So dress appropriately. Sunnies, singlets, short shorts, club wear. Whatever you feel comfortable in! Just remember no thongs.

Cloak Room

The venue is not able to organise a cloak room for this event so please don’t bring lots of bags and extra items. There will be places to store bags around the venue but these will be unsecured areas.

Click here for final release tickets





September 8th, 2015

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